Our Girls...

Ch. Praetorian's Ruthie

Ch. Praetorian's Silicone Barbie Doll aka Barbie

Ch. Praetorian’s Silicone Barbie Doll. She plays many different rolls and a fantastic mother of our beautiful Praetorian puppies. She is very sturdy, bodied, and most of all her eyes are very captivating. She isn’t all about beauty though. She can be demanding and very connected to her humans. She finished her Championship quickly and with all the bells and whistles of a deserving Shih Tzu she let it be known she was tossing her long coat attire in for a new sport hair cut like her house buddies. 

Retired to her forever home
Retired to her forever home
Retired to her forever home

Ch. Praetorian's Let It Be aka "Rachael"

Ch. Praetorian’s Let It Be aka Rachael. Sweet, gentle, loving, a cuddler. She is a beautiful clean gold and white. Short little baby doll face, very famine, and the little girl Shih Tzu any one would dream of being owned by. 

Showing wasn’t her top priority however if it made us happy to walk around in circles and admire her on a table she would gladly accomodate us. Sometimes she would get bored but came to a loving wiggly tail moment if we suggested “Let’s Go”. 

Ch. Praetorian's Fashionista aka "Smudge"

Ch. Praetorian’s Fashionista aka Smudge  is an excellent example of planned parent hood. With the goal to combine extraordinary features from Praetorian Shih Tzu and from Jazzie Shih Tzu Smudge arrived with all the qualities and characteristics we had hoped for. She has continued to reproduce herself in miraculous ways and we are very proud of her daughter Ruthie.


Ch. Praetorian's Let It Go aka "Elsa"

Ch. Praetorian’s Let It Go aka Elsa is the Damn to Smudge, Barbie, and Rachael.

She brought so much style, type, and structure to our breeding program combined with Ch. Ultra’s Could be An Illusion aka Louie that she became our new foundation gal.

Elsa has retired to her forever home and now lives on the lap of her new owner, follows her everywhere.

Her favorite entertainment is barking at her next store neighbors dogs, chasing the cat up the tree, and sharing ice cream in the evening with her new family.   

Retired to her forever home