Puppy Purchase Process

Our puppy purchase process is a 2 step process after you have contacted us by phone.  We will provide information about the available puppy,  puppies, or upcoming litter.

If you decide to choose us as your breeder please follow up with your contact information by text or email for our physical record 

You may download a printable written process and puppy agreement from our site or send us your contact information, we will be glad to email you our puppy agreement and purchase process.  Please return it signed with your $200.00 deposit to hold a puppy from either an upcoming litter or an available puppy on ground already.

The initial $200.00 deposit is applied toward the purchase price.

If you should for some reason not go through with a purchase at this time then your deposit is applied toward a future  puppy when you make another choice. Under certain circumstances early on in the waiting process your deposit is refundable.

The purchase price of male is $2,200.00 and female puppy is $2,400.00. The pick puppy of any litter is priced accordingly and to be determined.

A puppy purchased to show at AKC Sanctioned Conformation Events with full rights to breed thereafter  has a separate Puppy purchase Agreement. Please contact me for information regarding a puppy purchase for showing.

Step 1: $200.00 Deposit, with signed sales agreement, to hold a puppy from a designated litter or upcoming litter

Step 2: At the time of puppy delivery or possession the balance is due by  cash only.

Purchase Includes...

  1. Your Puppy
  2. Digital photo updates
  3. A small baggie of Puppy Food they currently are eating.
  4. Vaccination & Worming Record
  5. AKC Limited Litter Registration 
  6. Contract with Health Guarantee
  7. Lifetime support for questions concerning your puppy


All our puppies are registered through American Kennel Club (AKC). We do not raise designer puppies and/or puppies from other registries.  

Our prices include AKC Limited Registration. This means your puppy is not purchased for breeding and or showing in AKC conformation sanctioned matches, they are being sold at a pet companion price for your enjoyment and to be a member of your family and household. However you may show in obedience, agility, and/or other.   Full Registration is only available to those agreeing to show their puppy through their AKC conformation Championship.

Worming, Vaccination, Grooming Puppies

Puppies receive their first shot at 6 weeks, then 8, then 11 weeks of age and are wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 weeks of age. We treat for preventative intestinal worms along with preventative parasite care. 

Our puppies usually are ready to go to their forever homes by 11-12 weeks of age.

Grooming…We start familiarizing our puppies for grooming.  Puppies get their nails clipped about every 2 weeks and by 5 weeks of age, they start learning how to enjoy brushing, combing and bathing. We will do a small sanitary clip only.  We do check and clean ears if necessary, clip their nails, bathe and brush your puppy prior to pick up.