Welcome To Praetorian's Doggie Salon


Haircut & Bath includes: A haircut, full bath, facial wash, ear cleaning, and a nail trim.

Haircut, Bath & Brush: is for longer coat dogs that  requires all the same other basic grooming needs as shorter coat. Prices can vary depending on coat condition, breed, and behavior. Includes: a full bath,  brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, and pad trimming (if required for their breed).

A-La-Carte Services: I also offer single services for the pet that may just need a bath, nail trim, ear care, light trim, brush out, paw trim, pad scoop, sanitary trim.

Business Hours...

I groom by appointment only. Usually Monday to Friday however will make acceptions on Saturday. Closed on Sunday and Holidays.


Address: 1117 Inland Way in Springfield, Oregon 97747. 


Phone: 541-852-9901


Please feel free to give me a call, and book your first grooming session. 

I promise to make your companion’s grooming session a nice gentle and loving experience. 

Vicki Cooper

Special Needs Dogs...

Special needs dogs come with special prices and repeat service. Please give me a call to review your special needs dog and we can create a special needs service together.


Grooming Rates...

Short Coat Toy Breeds  start at $40.00.

  1. Repeat-scheduled groomings are at $35.00.  This includes nail trim, pad trim, ear cleaning, and anal glands.

Long Coat Toy Breeds  start at $60.00.

  • Repeat-scheduled grooming is at $50.00.  This includes body trim, nail trim, pad trim, ear cleaning, and anal glands.
  •  Matted is an additional $15.00 trim.
  • Each A-la_Carte $10.00. 

Prices may vary based on coat condition, style of cut, breed, and behavior.

Grooming Application...request

I am currently making up a Customer Application Form that will be available on line and/or can be filled out at your first session.


  • Grooming No-Show/Late Policy: A grooming appointment is considered a no-show and cancelled if you do not arrive within 20 minutes of the originally scheduled time. We will require a $10 deposit in order to book the next groom. Your deposit will apply toward the next groom, but is non-refundable in the event of another no-show.

  • An A-La-Carte service is considered a no-show and cancelled if you do not arrive within ten minutes of the originally scheduled time.

  • Aggression/Bite Policy: If a pet shows significant aggression or bites  I will notify you and may request immediate pick up or attendance. You will be responsible for all grooming services up until that point. We reserve the right to refuse future service.  

  • Matting Policy: If a dog is found to be very matted and needing to be shaved close to the skin, very short, I will describe this to you at check in. 

  • Flea Policy: We do not require pets to be on flea preventative, however if we find fleas we will use a flea shampoo of our choosing. 

  • All dogs are kept separately in a pen and not with other dogs.

If we notice any concerns with your pets’ health or condition we will be let you know. 


Vicki Cooper, Owner